CENPOPS is a vibrant consulting firm, which specializes in providing cutting-edge research and the state-of-the-art training and capacity building to meet the needs of all organisations – public, private, NGOS and international development organisations in Ghana and abroad. We 8 are committed to helping individuals, government and private organizations, NGOs, small/medium scale businesses and international development organisations with high quality cost-efficient research needed to provide information for planning, decision making and strategic undertakings. As such we do the following and more:
1. We provide independent analysis of poverty policy and programmes for improved policy impact and outcomes
2. We provide independent and evidence-based analysis of the incidence, causes, characteristics and impacts of poverty in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa
3. We provide a platform for engaging stakeholders for policy discourse aimed at enhancing participation and consensus on poverty policy.
4. We provide capacity building and management training for effective policy implementation
5. We provide advisory services for the promotion and development of entrepreneurship as a tool for poverty reduction
6. We provide advisory services to enterprises to increase their efficiency, maximize profit and promote partnerships in businesses
7. We provide extension services to small and medium scale enterprises
8. We organize capacity building programmes that will contribute to improving the livelihoods of the people of Ghana and the Sub-Saharan Africa.